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Petition To End Daylight Saving Time

The daylight saving time also known as DST is current in use in not less than 70 countries in the world.Read more about day light saving at about. The main aim of daylight saving time is to improve the correlation between the activity peak of any population and the daylight hours.

While there are some benefits of daylight saving time such as decreased electric consumption, decreases theft cases and traffic accidents, There are been several petitions seeking to end the daylight saving time. These petitions claim that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages by far and therefore state that the daylight saving time must come to an end. Here are some of the reasons stated by a few selected petitions to end DST.

Another disadvantage of DST listed on the petition is that it increases fuel consumption which leads to atmospheric pollution.Read more about day light saving at click . Studies have shown that the daylight saving time applied during the summer months have caused a rise in the evening traffics and have therefore created an increase in the consumption of fuel which has led to higher levels of pollution in the atmosphere.

A few petitions also claim that DST has caused more road accidents. Although some have hinted that DST is able to reduce the rate of accidents happening on the roads since there is more daylight while people are awake, the ICBC studies show that the first 2 weeks after daylight saving time ends, road accidents increase instead. The study also shows that these accidents happen due to lack of enough sleep, which makes it very hard for drivers to pay attention. A study states that more than 30% of drivers actually stay up 1 hour late on the night of the DST switch.

Change in DST can disturb the rest and activity cycle. The transition to DST can have a disturbing effect on the activity and rest cycle in health adults who sleep short hours. As stated above, switching to and from daylight saving time disrupts sleeping schedules and people may feel the effects for weeks. This will not only increase the number of traffic accidents, it also leads to health problems.

Daylight saving time also leads to confusion of starting and ending times in different places. It is very important for different countries to have their time in sync with other countries. However, the DST switch can be very confusing since countries switch to daylight saving time at different times while other countries are not observing DST.Learn more from

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